World mental health day 2020

World mental health day 2020

This years world mental health day theme is increased investment in mental health.
Investing in mental health begins on a personal level and so, on this day we need to ask ourselves; What practices are we incorporating every day, every week, every month, every year to ensure that we are at a good place mentally? How invested are we or have we been in our mental health? In what ways can we improve?

As a result of COVID-19, many aspects of our daily lives have changed and we have had to adapt in several ways. For many of us, the difficulties of this year have had an impact on our mental health. This year has shown us more than ever, the importance of diligently investing in our mental health. Here are 5 practices you can take up on a personal level to do this:

1. EXERCISE – when we exercise, our bodies release endorphins which help to boost our mood. Exercising therefore is a great way to help with stress, anxiety, depression and our overall mental health. Look for small ways you can exercise every day.
2. EAT A BALANCED DIET – research has shown that what we eat has an effect on our mood as well as our cognitive functioning. It is therefore important for us to ensure that we are eating sufficient meals and that we are eating a balanced diet.
3. GET SUFFICIENT SLEEP – lack of sufficient sleep has a negative effect on our mood. Practising proper sleeping habits helps boost our mental health as well as our overall wellbeing.
4. TAKE BREAKS – taking regular breaks is important for our mental health. Sometimes everything may seem too much. It is ok to step away and engage in other activities before you take on whatever is stressing you.
5. SEEK HELP IF YOU NEED TO – sometimes we can manage our mental health all on our own and sometimes we need the extra help. Seek help if and when you need it. That could mean talking to someone you trust, seeking therapy, talking to your medical doctor etc

Start today and aim to incorporate some of these steps in your routine as you work your way towards better investment in your mental health.

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  • kyalo

    hi, i like ur blog. i need help, maybe you can assist, una weza? a freind she broke-up with the boyfreind but now she is sad and alone and not doing any of the steps. what can I do? bc the boyfreind moved on. am having a hard time too with life..

    • @theartisticpsychologist

      Kindly reach out to me @theartisticpsychologist on Instagram or on my email so we can have a more personal conversation.

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