To my aching soul

To my aching soul

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I promise you, It does get better

Please read this disclaimer before reading this piece

DISCLAIMER: This article highlights the motions of depression. This may be a triggering topic for some. Kindly remember to be mindful of your mental well-being and that of others when reading and sharing this.

Allow me to walk you through a particularly difficult period in my journey. Every day of my life has become a battle. A struggle for strength, to get up and face the day. A struggle with the desire to stay asleep and avoid the challenges that daylight presents. Simple tasks suddenly feel like climbing a mountain, and life feels heavy and hopeless. I genuinely want to change, but fatigue is holding me back. Imagine having a mind drowning in despair, ready to die, and a body that wants to live. Every day, I feel like my mind is at war with my body.

I feel empty, I feel pain, and the floor has really felt the weight of my tears and screams. My world has blurred into a haze, with each day blending into the next, and if I have to listen to another alarm ring reminding me to wake up to my struggle, I may lose it.

So, please don’t tell me that life is beautiful and full of love and joy all around me. It’s difficult to appreciate the beauty of life when everything seems to be stuck in an endless circle of darkness. I am just so tired, and I want the pain and confusion to end.

To my aching soul,

In the quiet whispers of the night

I feel the burden on your soul

The burden of drowning in a pool of inadequacy

Where self hatred and doubt are constant companions

I promise you, it does get better

In the quiet whispers of your struggle

I hear your cries

In a world that has failed to understand the weight you carry

So you try to smile

So others won’t notice your pain

But the journey feels endless and tough

I promise you, it does get better

In the quiet whispers of your mind

I hear the frustration in your thoughts

The exhaustion of having your thoughts shape your reality

The silent battles that leave you tired, longing for the comfort of sleep

To shield you from the pain you feel

I promise you, it does get better

So when giving up feels like the only option

I will need you to stop, breathe, and remember that you are not alone in this journey

The world may not understand the weight you carry

But there are hands willing to hold you and guide you through this journey

And slowly, you’ll begin to find some measure of happiness

Because it can and will get better, I promise

With all my love