When one has a wound they will clean it, disinfect it, wrap it up, care for the wound to the best of their ability. After all, they don’t want to get it infected. They will feel pain of course. Depending on the type of wound, the pain could be extreme or manageable. Depending on the magnitude of the pain, one may decide to take some painkillers every now and then to help make the pain bearable. the pain killers may lessen the pain, but, they do not take the pain away. But day by day, the pain becomes less and eventually one won’t need the painkillers at all. Every now and then, one will unwrap the bandage to check on the wound and clean it up some more to make sure it doesn’t get infected. Eventually the wound will heal and one will take off the bandage. A scar may be left… a constant reminder, but the pain will no longer be there.

The same should apply to emotional and psychological wounds. Just like physical wounds, emotional and psychological wounds are supposed to be treated and cared for to the best of one’s ability until they heal. First, one must acknowledge the ‘wound’. Then, one must clean it, wash it… for most people, tears do the trick. Don’t forget to disinfect it as well, get away from all the negative people or situations that may infect your wound. Just like a physical wound, you will feel the pain. In order to properly heal, you must feel the pain. But just like physical pain, you can take some ‘painkillers’ to help make the pain bearable. In this case, painkillers may come in the form of prayers, encouragement from friends, engaging in activities you love…anything positive and healthy for your mind really. Eventually, the pain becomes less and less and you can cope on your own, without the painkillers. Every now and then, unwrap the bandage around your wound and check if it is ok. ‘Unwrapping the bandage’ in this case simply means examining yourself honestly to assess if you have healed.

Remember, all wounds take a different amount of time to heal. Be patient with the process. Eventually, the wound does heal. You will take the bandage off and only a scar will be left. A constant reminder. But the pain won’t be there anymore and you will be at peace.

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  • Gloria Ithimq

    “Trust the process”

    • @theartisticpsychologist

      Yes, you must.

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