We call ourselves the ‘tribeless youth‘,
We claim we love each other,
We shun tribalism and all such evils,
claiming we are now above that.

We sing ‘Daima‘,
claim ‘
sisi ni Wakenya‘,
Constantly shout how ‘WE ARE ONE!’

We preach peace on Twitter,
claim how malpractices make us bitter,
but embrace tribalism as our favorite one.

In daylight we preach,
always singing peace,
but behind this beautiful facade.
Is bitterness and loathing,
for those we call friends and colleagues,
Daima…are we really one?

We call ourselves the ‘tribeless youth‘,
we claim we love each other,
But is it love, is it truly love,
when tribe still comes above our care for one another?

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  • Sophia Nasimiyu

    I don’t believe in tribeless youth. I believe in being able to love and be proud of your tribe without disrespecting and discriminating people of other tribes. Embracing diversity.

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