Has it ever occurred to you to thank the nurse ?

Most people barely notice they are there, silently doing their duty with so much love and care.
Most of us,
don’t even give them a second thought.

We are ever quick to thank the doctors for healing the ones we love , saving them from the jaws of death . We sob into their hands, unable to express our gratitude and tell them how we pray that they are blessed. But has it ever occurred to us to thank the nurses as well ?

The silent heroes,
Who wash us,
Feed us,
Slowly nurse us back to health .
The diligent heroes,
Who do all the work that you and I would dread to do,
Clean us when we soil ourselves,
Wipe up our vomit too.
Dress and clean our nasty , ugly wounds every day without uttering even the slightest complaint.

The loving heroes ,
Who do all these tasks with a smile,
Always making us feel like we are worthwhile.
The patient heroes,
Who will struggle with us each day,
Even when healing seems like a dream that is so far away.

But when we heal we are so quick to forget,
We thank the doctors but what do the nurses get ?
The nurse who sat with you through and through. Going through every step of the healing process with you .

The nurses who still saw us as human beings even when disease reduced us to nothing. Who struggled to care for us at every moment so that in dignity , we are not lacking .

The nurses who gently walk us back to health,
Yet still, we are so quick to forget .

The silent heroes,
The diligent heroes,
The loving heroes ,
The Patient heroes,

The unsung heroes .

As we thank the doctors , let us thank the nurses as well. Shower them with hugs and blessings , to them kind words let us tell.

As we acknowledge the doctors, let us remember to acknowledge the nurses too . With a simple ‘Hello’ Maybe a ‘How are you ? ‘

And to all the nurses ,
I would just like to say thank you.
You are our unsung heroes,
And I , truly , appreciate you .

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  • Kevin

    This is a challenge I’m willing to pick up and put into practice.

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