Staying true to yourself is possibly one of the most difficult and yet most satisfying thing to do. There are trials, little little things that can instantly lead you astray. There are temptations, and they seem to be greater and greater by the day. Often, the path of authenticity, of remaining true to yourself, is lonely. This makes us second guess ourselves. Is it truly worthwhile to stay true to me? Is it truly worthwhile to stand up for and stick to what I believe in? We doubt, we worry and for some of us, this moment eventually passes and we strengthen our resolve. For others, well, we go astray.

We get lost. We try other paths and discover what loneliness really means as we stray farther away from ourselves. See, there is lots of company down those roads. But, it is always shallow. Connections are barely made. How could this possibly be done when we have denied ourselves the greatest gift, authenticity.How can we be true to others if we are not true to ourselves?Yet again, this is a turning point for some. Once again, a strengthening of resolve. Yet still, there are others who will continue to wander down those paths. Looking, searching for things that can only be found within themselves. These wander the farthest and sometimes the longest. Yet still, just like all the rest, they eventually come back to themselves and strengthen their resolve.

See,at the end of it all, It does not matter how far we stray or for how long. What truly matters is the final realisation and appreciation of the beauty and strength in being true to ourselves. The strengthening of our resolve to never let ourselves go. What matters is that in the end, we come back. That even if we do go astray once again, we keep coming back and once again try our best to remain true to ourselves.

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  • Kevin

    Me, everyday! When your everyday struggle is your own clouds of judgement of yourself!. Great read.

    • @theartisticpsychologist

      Thank you Kevin.

  • Nelly

    Very true…I agree that you have to be true to yourself before anyone else❤

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