Parents don’t hide your mistakes. Let them show. Let your children know, I assure you, it will help them grow.

Out of protection or maybe want of perfection, Parents choose to distort the truth. So their children will never know, never, That they too struggled with school, one day walked down a path they later regretted , did some stupid things even when their parents warned them not to. They never know that their parents, are human too.

So children walk down lonely paths.
Never knowing who to turn to, when they are having problems in math, because their parents were always top of the class. Who to tell about their first crush because for them, their spouse was and is their only love . What of that curiosity to sip some wine, maybe a beer? Never were they tempted ! They were truly such dears .

Such saints .

A single whisper of a mistake makes them faint .
It is forbidden .
Never saying why, not wanting to hear otherwise . It is just…
Forbidden .

But maybe , just maybe, if you told them how when you were 15 you did try some beer, sipped some wine and that is why you are trying to help them choose otherwise. Maybe they will identify .

However, when parents constantly forbid, push aside, their mistakes always wanting to hide. How can their children identify ? How will they know their parents are human too?
Help them. Help them identify with you .

Tell them about your failed relationships, how you hated math too. How when you went to boarding, you cried for a month too. How you had a hard time taking cold showers, how your first time living alone terrified you .

Tell them how you lost friends too. That it happens as you grow. And how peer pressure is real and you experienced it for sure! Tell them how you partied, when you had your first beer. Tell them of your first love and how they broke your heart like you feared .

Yes.Be their parent, but be their friend too.Let them feel and know that they can comfortably talk to you. Because enough times, all they really have is you. But, That doesn’t help much if they can’t identify with you, if they can’t connect with you.

Show them you are human, that you made mistakes and still do. That it is ok. For what they crave , what they truly crave from you, is understanding: to know that you are imperfect too .

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  • Nelle

    Wow, that’s really true.. Being open is key to long lasting relationships between parents and their children!!! Good stuff P.

    • @theartisticpsychologist

      Thank you.

    • @theartisticpsychologist

      Thank you Nelle.

  • kevin

    This is so true – I need to be this to the kids I bring forth.

    • @theartisticpsychologis

      Thank you Kevin. Yes, we need to aspire to be this way with our children.

  • Sophia Nasimiyu

    I love this. I hope I’ll be this kind of parent when (if) the time comes.

    • @theartisticpsychologist

      Thank you Sophia.

  • Koko

    Fantastic article! **forwards link to parents**

    • @theartisticpsychologist

      hehehe . Thank you.

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