I know you get frustrated,
some situations make you mad,
At times it seems pointless to keep trying,
or you just feel sad.
But always remember this one thing,
for I promise it is true,
when you feel like no one is in your corner,
know that I am always rooting for you.

And when life throws several punches,
and brings you down to your knees,
please don’t give up, keep fighting
for in the end I am sure you’ll win.

Still there are days that are harder,
the days you lose your resolve,
But I promise you my dear friend,
there is not a problem we won’t be able to solve.

And I know you’ve been alone for so long,
always fishing yourself out of the deep,
remember I am always here with you,
especially when the road gets steep.

I’ve already asked you to remember enough things above,
but I’m sure you can try one more, my love.
Remember that I am your person,
you have more than a friend in me,
and know that I will always have your back,
no matter what life brings.

Your Loving friend.

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  • Kevin

    You cool human being. Thank you for this one.

    • @theartisticpsychologist

      Thank you Kevin !

  • Koko

    Love it!

    • @theartisticpsychologist

      Thank you very much Koko .

  • Nelly

    Awww⚘⚘..Thank you P!!!I always know I have a real and true friend in you..

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