It is easy to look around and long for love. You see other couples and wish You, like them, were in love. It looks so sweet and seeing them makes you feel, well, lonely.

You long for that companionship, those intimate moments. The shared laughs, the kisses, the jealous stares of those who haven’t yet found theirs.

You long for it all.

That love however, MUST begin within yourself . Deep inside you. Only when it has covered every bit of you, every inch of your being , good and bad, flawless and flawed, can it come out and embrace another .

Then and only then.

Rush the process and you are certain to doom yourself.

Most of us let the longing take over and rush in when we are not truly ready. We get frustrated , we get lonely and in the end we settle . Knowing very well that it is not yet our time.

It is very easy to look over your shoulder at others, it is even easier to fall in love with the idea of love and this can mislead you . It makes one grasp at any flimsy excuse of love they get and this only leads to hurt and dissatisfaction and enough times , regret.

I advice you however, to be patient , wait. It is possible and yes, you can do it. Your time will come. Today, tomorrow, maybe years from now . But it will come . Don’t rush it. Just wait .

And as you wait; love yourself. Love yourself from deep within . Be totally in love with yourself to the point that you will not need to struggle and search for it in others .
Draw your happiness and love from within and in these, you will never be lacking.

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  • Koko

    I’ve come across several similar messages these past few days. This is a wake up call for me personally. I wholeheartedly concur. Most of us are in love with the IDEA of love. Very well phrased.

    • @theartisticpsychologist

      Yes Koko. Well, now you know. Take action. All the best!

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