The most difficult part is letting go.

Struggling, crawling on their hands and knees. Whole heartedly, you offer your help. You crawl with them, eventually when they are able, you sit with them and when they find the will to stand, you walk with them. At first they are slow, unsure. Patiently you guide them, encourage them. Eventually,they walk faster, you trail behind just in case they still need you, just in case they look back. Always ready, just in case they need to run back.

After some time, they look back less and less. Their steps become stronger, their footing more certain, they try new paths, they no longer look back. They start to run with a newly found strength, a newly found determination. Finally, they are able to fly, reaching their full capability. You watch them soar from the ground and your heart, filled with happiness and pride, soars with them. You desperately want to hold them again but you know you need to let them fly. To let them go.

Always, you are left fighting a battle within. Reluctance. Reluctant to let go. You want them to come back and hold your hand, you want them to need you as they initially did. Sometimes, you stay staring at the sky wishing they would come back. However, you also know that letting them find their own way, forge their own path, LETTING THEM GO…is the best thing you could do for them.

After years of practice, it eventually becomes easier to walk away and stay hopeful knowing that there are those who will remember, always. Those who will come back to say hello, to spend some time with you, their friend. However, you have also accepted the fact that, of the many you help take flight, of the many you lovingly and patiently walk with and encourage to grow, most will never look back. They will never come back. For most, you were just that extra push that helped them take flight. And eventually, you come to the realization that this is also ok, because that is besides the point anyway.

The most difficult part is letting go.
Even with years of practice, I doubt anyone becomes a pro.
But with time, it does get easier, as one’s wisdom grows.

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  • Cesspool

    Very good piece. Keep up

    • @theartisticpsychologist

      Thank you!

  • kevin

    I agree, letting go is the hardest and no one ever becomes a pro at it, you just find easier ways of handling it.
    Great article!.

    • @theartisticpsychologist

      Yes Kevin 🙂
      Thank you very much for the positive feedback !

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