Let’s talk: Suicide

This month we shall be talking suicide. As we explore the topic, here are things we’re listening to, watching, and reading in order to expand our understanding of it.

TRIGGER WARNING: Some of the content we share will delve quite deep into the topic of suicide, including discussions of ways people have tried to kill themselves. If this is triggering to you, you don’t need to engage with the content. Remember to take care of yourself. Your mental health and wellbeing always come first.

We asked 100 people if they’ve ever considered suicide
100 people are asked if they have ever considered committing suicide. The answers vary from those who haven’t, those who have, and those who have considered it and actually attempted it. We like this video because it shows that there are many different factors that could lead one to consider suicide – from mental health disorders to illnesses to bullying.

Suicidal Thoughts – 17 things that contribute to it
We like this video because it presents triggers that can lead to suicide in a very simple, easy-to-understand way. Plus it’s animated!

Suicide Attempt Surivivors Bust Myths About Suicide
A mental health practitioner and a number of people who’ve attempted suicide talk openly and honestly about the myths people have about suicide and correct these myths.

We need to talk about Male Suicide
A TedTalk by Steph Slack who explores the topic of male suicide. She challenges how we react to the men in our life who have expressed having suicidal thoughts.

There Is No Prerequisite for Joy
Our favourite quote from this short piece is this “Wake up each day and decide: Today, I am going to be happy. And if you’re not? That’s okay. The important part is that you woke up again and had another go at it. Tomorrow is another, and the day after…You have as many chances as it takes.”

Suicide After Suicide: What We Must Do To Break The Cycle
“Hope comes in many forms.” Here are some ideas on how we can spread hope and help curb the rising rate of suicides.

I treat teens who attempted suicide. Here’s what they told me
We like this article because it is written by someone who has worked closely with teens who’ve attempted suicide. Many times people are unsure how to help teens who’ve attempted suicide, but she discusses the triggers as well as how we can help them.

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