Let’s talk: Mental health

Let’s talk: Mental health

This month we shall be talking mental health. As we explore the topic, here are things we’re listening to, watching, and reading in order to expand our understanding of it.

What is Mental Health?
“We all have mental health and have a personal responsibility to learn how we can improve and maintain our wellbeing”

Mental Health needs to be taken seriously and Mental Health does not know age, race, gender or wealth
Two short clips done for International Mental Health Day 2019. A good discussion on matters mental health.

10 Mental Illness Signs You should Not ignore
Have you ever wondered what could be a sign or symptom of an underlying mental health illness? This video breaks it down for you.

We All Have Mental Health
This is a great video to watch with your child or young siblings about mental health. It simplifies it and makes it easy to grasp and relatable.

What is the state of mental health and depression in Kenya
Watch as Kenyans give their take on different mental health matters and offer advice on what they think can be done to make things better.


We’re Expected to Be OK
“Don’t fight these burdens alone. We may be expected to be OK, but the truth is: it’s OK to not be OK. We’re often seen as heroes, but we’re also human.” This is for all those who work in emergency services, especially those who have been working during this global pandemic.

For Those Of You Who Are Having More Bad Days Than Good Right Now
This is a beautiful, short letter to anyone who is not doing too good right now. Our favourite quote from the note is: “You are worth saving. You are loveable — not just by people who only know the parts of you that are palatable or beautiful, but by people, maybe you’ve yet to meet, who will know the ugly and destructive, too. I know you’re tired, but to every problem, there is a solution, and yours is closer than you think.”

21 movies that truly understood what mental health struggles are like
Are you looking for something to watch? Here’s a list of movies that people thought portrayed mental health struggles quite accurately. Check them out!

A Letter From a Therapist
This one is especially for my fellow psychologists! Remember that we are human too, and it is ok to struggle with mental health and that we, too, need to seek therapy.

19 mental health misconceptions from TV shows/movies I find unbelievable frustrating
This quick read busts some myths and talks about the things TV shows and movies get wrong about mental health.

7 Meditation and Mindfulness apps with free tools for coronavirus anxiety
Here’s a curated list of apps that you can use to practice meditation and mindfulness. Do you use any of these apps or any that have not been mentioned? How has it helped you?

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