Let’s talk: Male body Image

Let’s talk: Male body Image


Why don’t men talk about body image?
“I’m not comfortable in my skin and perhaps I never truly will be. And, to be honest, I don’t think I’m the only one. When I say this to other men, most of them tell me they feel the same, so why don’t we talk about this stuff more openly?”

With super heroes comes the pressure of unrealistic male bodies
“Most celebrities, scientists, and average guys agree that there’s one major contributing factor we can credit for the rise of negative body perception for men and boys: the silver screen. ”

19 men on what body positivity means to them
Check this out to hear what some men think it means to be or have body positivity.

Muscle Dysmorphia – The Male Eating Disorder
A TedTalk by Scott Griffiths whos talks about the issue of muscle dysmorphia,which disproportionately affects men and boys

Young men and boys open up and talk about their struggle with thier body image
Watch these young men and boys get real about their struggles with their body image

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