Let’s talk: Body Image

As we explore Body Image, here are things we’re listening to, watching, and reading in order to expand our understanding of this month’s topic. This list of resources will be updated weekly so don’t forget to check in and see what’s new!

What happens when strangers get real about body image?
This video brings together several strangers who pair off and make the comments they make to themselves to other people. We love it because it shows us that we should not be so harsh on ourselves and also that everyone, even those you think are #goals, has something they don’t particularly like about themselves.

Self esteem and body image
Men, we have not left you behind! In this video group of men get together and get candid about their personal experience with body image.

Male body Image: It’s time to fight back
Body image is often seen solely as a women’s issue but everyone is affected by it. This video talks about how men, too, have their own challenges when it comes to body image.

What is healthy body image, anyways?
This piece was part of a series targeting female athletes but we think anyone can benefit from it. This is because it has a wonderful list of reflection questions that you can use to evaluate whether or not you have a body image.

How to instill a healthy attitude about exercise in your kids
This one’s for the parents! Positive body image is something that can, and should, be fostered from a young age and this gives some great tips on ways you can encourage your kids to be active without turning it into a body issue.

Running with shame: how I reclaimed movement
Many of us have learned to associate exercise and movement as a means to an end – a way to achieve a certain body. This article challenges that idea. The writer reminds us that exercise and movement should be used as a tool to feel better, not to look a certain way. Our favourite quote? “To dissolve shame we need to understand that we are all enough exactly as we are right now.”

How to give kids good body image in the age of Snapchat
The rise of social media has challenged a lot of aspects of our lives and especially in terms of mental health and body issues. Here are some tips on how you can help your kids maintain good body image while using social media.

‘It’s not worth it’: Young women on how TikTok has warped their body image
I don’t know about you, but we love TikTok. It has recently emerged as a popular avenue for young people to express themselves, especially during this pandemic. We enjoy seeing how creative and informative people can be in just a matter of minutes. This article looks at the dark side of the app, examining how it, like other social media platforms before it, is affecting people’s body image.

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