Most of us are distracted by the noise around us; social media , peer pressure, superficial lifestyles, partying ,but to name a few…So much so that we neglect our inner peace.

Now, This may seem harmless at first . In fact, for a long time we fool ourselves at how enjoyable it is , how happy we are , how we are ‘at peace’ . We constantly pour ourselves into social media putting up post after post and trying to draw joy from the number of likes we get .

We drown ourselves in alcohol, downing drink after drink trying to draw joy from the temporary high. We lose ourselves in parties, flirting with man after man , girl after girl trying to draw joy from their validation .

And this eventually becomes a cycle . Every day you will wake up and try to find your joy from social media, from the alcohol,from the validation of strangers and each and every time you will lose a little bit of yourself .

Everyday you will wake up and try to fill the emptiness inside you with likes from social media, with alcohol and with validation from strangers and each and every time you will only succeed in enlarging the void within you.

So then what? What should you do ?

First, Sit down and honestly examine yourself.
What is causing your noise ? Is it social media? Alcohol? A want of validation? The first step is to pin point it. Identify your noise, become consciously aware of it .

Secondly, block out the noise for some time,
For some, it will mean quitting social media, for others, it could mean staying home and not partying for some time and for others it could mean committing to being single for a while. Blocking out the noise, even for just a while, will help you recenter.

The final step is to take some time to look within and listen to yourself. Some time to Find and embrace your inner peace.

It is highly possible and achievable.However, amidst all the noise, you will find nothing because our inner peace is but a whisper. And if you don’t make the effort to listen, you will never enjoy its sweetness.

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  • Nelle

    Wow!! Love this article.. Very important to have inner peace instead of living a false reality that doesn’t help. Good stuff P??

    • @theartisticpsychologist

      Thank you Nelle!

  • Cesspool

    Très bien.

    • @theartisticpsychologist


  • Nyambura Mwaura

    Its unfortunate that most of us do not have inner peace and do not realize it.Thank you for opening my eyes ❤

    • @theartisticpsychologist

      I am glad I did. Awareness is the first step to conquering something, so you’re great. A step at a time.

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