They told me I wasn’t good enough,
That I Would never shine.
They told me I wasn’t good enough,
I believed them at that time.

See I was never the best at anything,
Not English nor Math,
My grades, well , they even made me laugh.
And other talents, like music and sports, I barely had got,
Well, at that time, that’s what I thought.

Those around me felt the need to rub it in,
To always remind me how I would never win,
It was constantly drummed in my head ,
And slowly but surely and ever so cruelly,
It left my belief in me dead.

See, I once used to believe,
I hoped and i dreamed,
I told myself ‘You can do it! One day you’ll win
But eventually I accepted that I was being naive,
Winning was just not for people like me.

Thus I continued to fail in English and Math, and anything I did really,
Failure was my destined path
And each time I had a glimmer of hope,
I extinguished it, forced it to get lost,
Like I was shown so beautifully from before.

But one day I made a precious friend,
Who encouraged me in all I did
Her hope in me had no end,
‘You can do it’ she told me, ‘just believe and begin’,
‘Put your mind to it,’ she said, ‘ we were all made to win’

Thus my hope was rekindled, a stronger light
And for once, my future looked bright,
‘Could it be?’ I asked myself ‘Could she truly be right?’
And so I dared to hope and began to dream with all my might.

They told me I wasn’t good enough,
That I would never shine,
But now I soar above the clouds,
I took the world , made it mine,
All because a certain individual in me dared to hope,
a bright light within me she kindled, with the kind words she spoke.

Have they told you you aren’t good enough,
That you will never shine?
You can do it !
Dare to hope,
Then take one step at a time .

°Be Kind°

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