Friendship is more than doing just the bare minimum. It is much more than doing only ‘what is enough’.

Friendship is love .

Well,true friendship is love. And Love is patient, love is kind… Love is all these things. But love is also effort.

Constant effort.

Love persistently strives to be the best it can be .

Love should grow and flourish , it should never stagnate and just be ‘enough’. There is always more love to give , more time to share, more effort to put in. There is always room for our love to grow.

So, how much effort are you willing to put in? How much love are you willing to give? How much time are you willing to share, with the friends you choose to keep ?

Friendship is not about doing the bare minimum. Nor should it ever be. So for every friend you choose to keep, always ask yourself…‘for them,what more can I do?’

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  • Sophia Nasimiyu

    Yes. I love it. Love is effort. It’s a verb, not just a noun. I think it’s something you constantly have to make a conscious choice to do.

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