How much for your kindness sir ?
How much would it cost?
I am willing to give all that I’ve got.
For a smile,
A kind word,
Some respect .
Just a handshake would do,
How much need I pay for you to see that I am human too?

You look down on me,
Because I am seated on this chair,
Because I move around on wheels ,
my legs can’t take me anywhere.
But sir,
I am still worthy of love,
Worthy of respect ,
Worthy of concern.

And Yet,

You seem not to be aware,
Or is it that you do not care ?
You sulk and sneer,
You consider me a bother.
But sir, do you not see ?
My disability,
It does not make me lesser than another.

And so here are my final words
Dear sir, to you .
I may not be able to walk,
But your inability to show me kindness,
Is as much of a disability too .

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  • Jaki


  • Nelly

    Oh wow!!!love love your article..keeps getting better everyday..before you know it..you will publish a best seller masterpiece❤❤stay blessed P!!

    • @theartisticpsychologist

      Thank you so much for your kind words!

  • Caroline Kudwoli

    Good insights to all of us who live a fast life and tend to forget the little things that matter most.

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