Dear God, save me

Please tell me where to find hope, I have searched tirelessly but I can’t find it within me.
How can I ease the pain? I am constantly on medication, yet still, my soul is hurting.
And where can I find acceptance in a society that constantly shuns me?
What about love of self? My reflection disgusts me.
I desperately want company yet I push everyone away because of the shame that burdens me
I began to pray, I thought I forgot how…
Yet every night my soul cries, ‘Dear God, help me’
They say tears heal, I have shed thousands yet I feel no healing within me
I used to search for reasons to live but now, with each new day, I can barely find any
I hurt myself constantly, in a desperate attempt to feel. Yet still, my heart remains numb, empty.
They tell me to have hope…
I wonder, is it still possible to have any?
Sometimes I wonder if I should just end this,
Dear God,
save me!

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  • Tonnio

    He must have heard you. Strength is coming. The way out is the way through!

  • Sophia Nasimiyu

    My chest.❤

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